Times Square Has Strong July

Despite what has felt like an uneven year for tourism in New York, Times Square pedestrian counts for July 2017 were up 22.3% vs. July 2016. While they are a vast improvement from 2016, they have yet to regain their high-ground from 2015, of nearly 383,000 daily visitors. The Times Square Alliance reports, available here, are a great input into the vitality of New York City's tour and travel sector. Hotel ADR and occupancy continue to flitter in a small range like a hummingbird on Adderall. Meanwhile, attractions suppliers' reports are inconsistent. The baseline moan about oversupply is regularly punctuated by the staccatto speculation on this year's winners and losers. As year-end is looming ever larger in the windshield, 2017 is shaping up to be a year filled with plenty of data and not a lot of direction.


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